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Organizational dynamics can make or break a mission. With today’s cultural climate in constant flux and overwhelming data, documents, social media, and communications crises, it is more important than ever to close communications gaps in any work group. While all of our courses are beneficial, your organization may not need a series, thus the following menu. We are here to help you tailor a communications program from the following experiences:

Executive Communications: Keys to Leadership

  • Using knowledge-management as a leadership practice, which gives executives and managers tools for stewarding success. Thinking styles become a crucial kind of knowledge capture. Intellectual capital becomes steady pools of in-house expertise.

Team-Building: From "Me-Ism" To "We-Ism" Addressing Differences Beyond Externals

  • The seminar expands definitions of diversity: how to assess thinking styles; how to draw on organizational strengths; how to turn communications barriers to bridges; how thinking styles are the "real" diversity.
  • President Clinton’s One-America Racial Initiative serves as a model adaptable to strategic organizational planning.

Shift Your Vision; for Leadership and Change

  • Management Sampler
  • An experience in what’s possible.
  • A management- sampler of theExact Word’s offerings and management techniques
  • This course includes tracking the ROI for management’s and employees’ collaboration to meet the mission.  Minimum: 3-Day Workshop

ThoughtPrinting and ThoughtMapping Seminar

  •     1-Day Introduction

ThoughtPrint I & II - How Language Works; Writing/Critical Thinking                                                 Strategies for Writing

  • A paradigm shift
  • Communications methodology: practice with context patterns, thinking in context, adding strategies to strengths
  • English as a Binary System with “Flippable” elements for saying “what you really mean to say” and adapting to multiple audiences
  • The “axis” course which explicates the four context patterns in English thinking and writing
  • An experience which applies to writing, thinking, oral communications, leadership, and decision-making

Thinking in Ways You Don’t Think

  • Solutions for communications “won’t” and “can’t”
  • An experience in using multiple thinking styles
  • Emphasis upon change-management and knowledge-management tools from both theExact Word coordinated with other current methods

Saying the Unsayable; Building Respect and Trust

  • Identifying communications barriers
  • Pinpointing and overcoming the causes for communications glitches
  • Opening rapport for ongoing diplomatic candor

Anger: Default or Decide

  • Identifying individual patterns which trigger anger
  • Using language to defuse those patterns
  • Understanding the health in initial angry reactions
  • “Repatterning” responses with a "more-considered self"

From LOS to BOS, A Bridge to English Grammar

  • A binary approach to grammatical training and mechanics refresher, making sterling grammatical usage both easy and logical
  •  3 Days

Loss of Genius: Writing for Advancement- Refresher

  • Targeting professionals who do not write well enough for promotion or for showcasing their own abilities and expertise 
  • 3 Days

Someone Finally Asked; a Collaborative Experience

  • Structured Facilitation for Groups which need to build organizational unity
  • May include offering ambassadorships from across the organization
  • Quality Assurance in Delivered Programs

Two-Part Organization Development:
  1.   Saying the Unsayable for Building Respect and Trust
  2.   Someone Finally Asked

How does an organization close the collaboration gap? How can real “buy-in” create a wonderful place to work with genuine and open communication?

  • This program creates a safe environment with tools to resolve miscommunication. Groups discover which diplomatic solutions dissolve discord.
  • This program revives collaboration, trust, and clear teamwork standards.

How Can I Have More?
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Products: Tools for Thought
Services: theExact Word Experience -  Scroll Down

theExact Word’s Tools for Thought
These tools for thought essentially place English into your hands. They immerse you. They “become your memory” for thinking. Not advertising, not gimmicks, not toys, these tools exist because people asked questions.
                    theBOS Book            

theBOS Book #1
“Getting Why You Think The Way You Do”
 iBook Store $16.99/
Print $19.99

theBOS Book #2
“Getting the Patterns”
iBook Store, $21.99/
Print $39.99

theBOS Book #3
 “Getting to Design” - Critical Thinking
iBook Store, $16.99
Print $19.99

theBOS Book Complete

iBook Store, $16.99
Print, $59.99

Both iBook-Store & Print $94.99

   Idea Maps
Buy now!
The Idea Map is a set of key-ring cards. Simply and clearly, the Map summarizes the Patterns, their formulas, their meanings, their benefits and drawbacks.  Feedback defines these cards as crucial in-hand clarity.

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“ThoughtGraphs” reprint all the charts in theExact Word’s books. The ThoughtGraphs, in all formats, will guide you as you think:  convenient one-page color-chart or as Power Point/Keynote, or wall-chart versions of all thirty-two, they graphically visualize how intuitive thought works in English. 

                                                  32 Matching all ExactWord  Books & Tools for Thought
                                   1 Laminated Sheet as Guide to Book Charts             $    4.99
                                                          Booklet, 32 Color Charts                $  31.99
                                                      Flash drive, 32 Color Charts               $  75.99   buy now
                                                        32 Poster-Size Vinyl Charts              $ 649.00
                                                        32 Easel-Size Vinyl Wall Charts       $ 999.00


                                     Pattern Pens
Buy Now! 
    The Pattern Pens with laser-printed Pattern formulas shift your vision about English. You can buy labels for your own markers instead. Both the Pattern Pens and Pattern Labels lead you to “think with context." They immerse you. You look at them as guides as you learn.
                        Pens:  $13.99/Highlighter
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                             Labels:  $7.99, 30 labels per sheet, one sheet per Pattern

                                        buy now

                                                Nesting Cards                                                                                                                                                                                                                 "Nesting Cards” visualize how to express complexity simply.   

                                                    Call for Pricing:  703-532-3609

                                    ThoughtPrints & ThoughtMaps
    A “ThoughtPrint pouch” encourages you to tailor how you think and chronicle your strengths and strategies as you go and grow. 
                                                        Call for Pricing: 703-532-3609

                                            The Paradigm Pathway
    A “Paradigm Pathway” creates a template for you to track your progress gaining strategies to add to your strengths, and shifting your paradigm to connected thoughts, intuitive meaning beyond words.

                                                        Call for Pricing:  703-532-3609

                                             Pre/Post Baseline
    Two forms: 1) customized Survey Monkey; 2) paper form. You define your language habits and the strategies you add; you track progress. 

                                                        Call for Pricing:  703-532-3609

                        Individuals. Anonymously track groups' progress during workshops. 
Schools:  tracking students', classrooms', schools', or district progress' for all stakeholders. Parents, students, teachers, administrators have objective results of Language Arts growth.  Sample schools: 20% improvement in standardized scores. Research university: $3M improved grant awards.

                                                Immerse Yourself
    With one tool or several, immersing yourself will shift your vision into new perspectives. Strategically, you will think in ways you don’t think. You will gain  new knowledge, uncover new choices, make sense of grammar. Once you see it, you can’t not see it. 

                    Workshops, Books, & Bundled Products Listed Below
                        All Boats Rise Work-In-Progress Documentary

Bundled Products, 2014
High Dive:
6 Products: theBOS Book-Full,  Pattern Pens, Idea-Map Trigger Cards, ThoughtGraphs   
You totally immerse yourself, surrounded by how English really works. The package becomes an experience, or “a teacher you wish you had had,” or the teacher you’d like to be. You will begin to “see the Patterns” in the air as you think, write, or listen to, and read what others say. Good choice; take flight. 
$122.99 plus tax & shipping
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Jump in the Pool: 
4 Products: theBOS Book #1., "Getting Excited" ThoughtPrint, &theBOS Book # 2. “Getting” the Patterns; Pattern Pens, Idea-Map Trigger Cards
You’ve decided that one step at a time will give you “wiggle room,” and “cogitation time.” One step. Then the next. Wise. You know yourself. You like to think things through.  You’re almost ready to get excited about thinking in a new way, and willing to give it a try. Eliminate exceptions. See English as binary. Then, critical thinking, theBOS Book # 3?  Time will tell.             
$88.99 plus tax & shipping 

Get Your Feet Wet:
2 Products: theBOS Book # 1.; Idea-Map Trigger Cards.
Ah ha! You want to see for yourself. Your healthy skepticism cautions you to trust slowly, empirically, and your way.  That’s fair. Marketing and image have influenced modern life for at least two centuries. We’ve learned our lessons by now:  “trust but verify.” Or better, “trust slowly, verify even more slowly.”  You know yourself best. One step at a time. Starting with the Givens about thought in theBOS Book #1., and doing your ThoughtPrint, if you are convinced, you might give the Patterns a shot in theBOS Book #2.  Let us know.
Print: $39.99 plus tax & shipping

iBook Store: $16.99 for theBOS Book #1.
Toe in the Water
 a la carte. Products purchased separately
You can’t swim. Or, you think you can’t. That’s a good reason to just test theExact Word’s waters. In theBOS Book #1, ThoughtPrints, you decide how much the human common denominators apply to you.  You could eradicate what has disappointed you about English and hope, finally, for better.  Better writing, more conscious communications decisions,  After that, what might work for you? Idea-Map Trigger Cards, Pattern Pens, ThoughtGraphs? Up to you. Either way, you’ll see what works for you. Great. We’re happy to wait.
Priced separately:  $181.92

The BOS (Brain Operating System)

Services:  theExact  Word Experiences

U.S. Patent 5,721,938
Knowledge-Capture. Speaking Engagements. Paradigm-Shifting.
Schools. Teachers. Universities.  Professional Development.
Coaching. Tutoring.
ThoughtPrinting. Writing & Communications Mastery.

 Communications Training. Shift Your Vision.
Intellectual Capital & Innovation
Free-lance Writing & Editing.
Coaching. Tutoring.

Expressing Complexity Simply

Consulting, Speaking, Workshops, & Services Below

For Proposals:  contact us by email or telephone.

ThoughtPrint Coaching Sessions, In-Person, On-Line, Skype

$249.00 per person. Includes writing-sample analysis


Speaking Engagements, Booking 2014-2015

Nationally or internationally.  Motivational, keynote, interactive.
               Innovation:  You Can't Phone It In --  No certification programs exist for innovation. No degrees. We inventory group thinking styles and why their diversity prevents "group-think." Preferably a case study from the organization will bring new styles of thinking into immediacy. You and your colleagues are the pieces necessary for innovation.

               The Walls Are Down? Now What? Other people "matter" when business culture changes. People think differently. Standards differ. Fights ensue. Or don't, but people stifle their thoughts. How do multiple perspectives help groups? Why are thinking styles the real diversity? How can we think in ways we don't think?

            ThoughtPrinting - Why You Think the Way You Do. Your standards. Contribution & Acknowledgement in the workplace - even at home.  Irritation and chafing among colleagues. Why? Everyone gains strategies for constructive peace, for telling the truth in a political environment, for sharing substantive decisions. Each person gains a ThoughtPrint portrait of individual strengths & strategies. A group portrait, a ThoughtMap, defines a landscape of staff talent enhancing domain knowledge & expertise.

  • ThoughtPrint
  • ThoughtMap
               ThoughtMapping: Participants determine their individual ThoughtPrints, and together develop a composite ThoughtMap. Everyone gains strategies for constructive peace, for telling the truth in a political environment, for sharing substantive decisions

            Other:  Childhood begins in pretending - pretending to be other than what we are. School creates a sense of "other worlds," other times, other mindsets across the curriculum. We want our lives to have meaning, purpose, and significance other than rote learning, repetitive skills, unchanging days. Why? Sometimes risk, sometimes adventure, sometimes ambition, sometimes change will satisfy us. Indeed, in one form or another, the notion of "other," or even rituals to "become other" are as old as humanity, from Stone Age tribes to modern life. How the workplace accommodates "other" may determine acknowledgement, promotion, satisfaction, and innovation.

Schools. Teachers. University departments, faculties, graduate candidates.
Students in schools by grade or class.
Professional workplaces. Staffs. Divisions.
  Families. Individual enrollment.
theExact Word's Client List Represents  Successes
for Each of These Audiences.

Consulting Engagements

Any combination of our methods is available on an individual or group basis.

Visit our Innovation page to see some of the potential business applications
of theExact Word.

See Speaking Engagements for Innovation.
Facilitating. Assessing problems. Diagnosing solutions. Leading focus groups.

Individual Coaching:

          • Writing Lab
          • Leadership Lab
          • Focus Group Facilitation (tailored to your needs)
          • Writing, editing and resume services

Professional Development for Organizations & Individuals

Workplaces (of any kind):  We currently provide Professional Development for organizations and teachers.  Organizations can sign up now for classes and/or executive coaching.  To request a proposal, contact us by email or telephone.

Individuals:  Even as you are reading this, our elves are furiously preparing materials, pod casts and downloads for individuals and for open-enrollment classes.  For further information, contact us by email or telephone.


All Products Summary  - Available, November, 2014

  • All Boats Rise Work-In-Progress Documentary: Chapter #1 of #3: K-12 YouTube Clips
  • theExact Word's Brain Operating System for Language - Four Choices to Purchase Print or iBooks
  • theBOS Book #1- Thinking
  • theBOS Book #2- The Patterns                         
  • theBOS Book #3- Designed Thought
  • theBOS Book Complete -
  • Available Late 2014, Shorter Version, the exercises from theBOS Book Complete
  • "Idea Map"Key-Ring Aid:What to Say & How to Say It
  • "Pattern Pens:" Laser-Printed Formulas, Bright Highlighters Matching Patterns' Colors
  • Figuring Out Paragraphing - Geared toward students as early as grade 4
  • Once Past the Sentence; the Persuasive Essay - Geared toward students as early as grade 5
  • Beyond Mastery, Pattern-Practice, Writing Exercises
  • Anger: Default or Decide
  • Elements of Thought; Handbook to theExact Word
    Serves as a support aid to any course or application of theExact Word Experience. Some workshops include extensive use of this handbook; some offer its use as an optional reference in initial workshop negotiation of goals.
  • Executive Communications: Keys to Leadership: Understanding how humans have differing thinking styles, therefore, working and learning styles, provides leaders with a "thinkers' toolbox." Stewarding small and large staffs toward successful missions means moving through a thicket of perceptions and motivations. When groups understand differences, everyone works better, relaxes, and contributes.
  • From LOS to BOS, A Bridge to English Grammar from the "Latin Operating" to the "Brain Operating" Systems - English grammar does not fit its Latin model. Therefore, many exceptions inadvertently veil English simplicity. Intuitive English, which all English speakers already know, makes using English a logic of "twos." Exceptions evaporate.
  • Loss of Genius: Writing for Advancement- Refresher -  Not communicating well can paralyze or intimidate even the most motivated of staff. Simply understanding how English really works, by eliminating exceptions and creating simple but masterful tools for thought, a natural language genius re-emerges even in the most timid personnel. Confidence and new motivation result.
  • theBOS Syllabus Map - Teaching yourself or for classrooms, the Syllabus Map uncovers your natural language genius for how English really works.
  • ThoughtGraphs: Matching all the book charts:  3 Formats: Laminated In-Hand, Booklets, or Wall Charts for visualizing how English thought turns to sentence
  • ThoughtPrint with Instructions
  • ThoughtMap with Instructions --  How you and others think can change everything:  for how to create multiple perspectives; how to understand other people; and how to gain strategies for all of these.

  • Saying the Unsayable; Building Respect and Trust: 2015
  • Shift Your Vision: for Leadership and Change: 2015
  • Team-Building: From "Me-ism" to "We-ism"-  Addressing Differences Beyond Externals: 2015
  • Thinking in Ways You Don’t Think: 2015
  • ThoughtPrint Gateways to Mastery: Binary Choices for Thinking and Writing:  2015


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