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What is theExact Word?

Both a company and patent owner of sets of methods, theExact Word changes the meaning of communication. Each method, based on the same core science, creates multiple applications of English organized in a new way.

theExact Word has innovated an approach to communication by formalizing English, without exceptions, as an either/or system of idea relationships.

Critical thinking applies to every aspect of life. theExact Word’s methods teach critical thinking, training you to access multiple perspectives where before you may have had only one. For thinking, writing, critical thinking, and understanding why people think the ways that they do, your paradigm of English will “morph” into a set of thinking tools.

Computationally, theExact Word becomes an innovative template and platform for revolutionizing language on screen, for thinking on screen, and replacing the current paradigm of language as letters in words.

Anyone who thinks, writes, communicates, studies, works with others, or values interpersonal rapport will benefit, whether in school or a profession, whether skillful or struggling communicators. At any age, from kindergarten to retirement, articulate expression of thought shines

A team-building group in a workplace, for instance, might choose ThoughtMapping but not writing training. A teacher would use both. A search-engine technology would use our algorithms. Nonetheless, the underlying science remains constant whether for personal use for writing or critical thinking or organizationally for collaboration and using intellectual capital.

Seeing English as a combined set of either/or choices based solely upon four patterns of context meaning changes your experience with English.


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  Communication begins with a journey outside ourselves no matter what conveyance we use.  One of our teachers travels every day by train, an hour each way, from Salt Lake City to Ogden, Utah. Committed at any cost, he is helping all his high school students’ boats to rise.
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